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        Two grave robbers unearth more than Civil War relics when they desecrate hallowed ground in a Civil War Battlefield. The author tells a story of searching and redemption and shines a new light on one of America’s bloodiest battles. Ghost Cavalry is the story of a family searching for meaning, and finding it generations earlier in the shallow graves of Shiloh, Tennessee. It’s a ghost story, a thriller and a story about family, all in one.
Steven Robert Alexander
        Author, Actor, Broadcaster
Ghost Cavalry
First Down First Love
         It's the fall season of freshmen year- strap on your helmet and get ready for action! It's a brand new world for Josh, Tommy, Bob, and Mike as they compete to win the 9th grade city league football championship. In addition to trying to win on the field, the freshmen talent show, dances, and so much more! 
         Alongside the boys; Cindy, Lisa, Mary Lynn and Melissa also have their ups and downs. It's not easy being a freshman, but with good friends, it can all work out
        If you would like to contact Josh, Cindy, or any of the other students sends your thoughts to the guys and girls at
                The Road to Jahra
Jake Dustin, a British Captain has served country and Queen with honor and pride. Jake is also a fugitive from the Iraqi Government and on the run from an element of Kuwaiti society. Join Jake as his travels take him throughout Iraq, where attacks on his base as well as rockets and mortars are the norm. The Road to Jahra could well be his last adventure. It's not just the Iraqi government, insurgents and the Kuwaitis that are after him, there is another threat as well, not just for him, but for all. Meet the American Soldiers as they fight the paranormal entities that are haunting the Middle East. 
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