Steven Robert Alexander
(719) 433-1236
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About Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander first appeared on film in Ice Castles in the late 70's.  He was an on screen extra with close ups.  He also appeared in crowd scenes in, The Great Waldo Pepper and The Getaway both filmed in the San Marcos Texas area. 

Recent film work includes, The Medicine Woman, July 2012 San Luis Valley, Colorado, and Emancipation,  Eaves Movie Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 2012.  

Steve served as Production coordinator for the movies Raheem and Rashad's Most Excellent Adventure and Awake both produced in 1998
Seven Years as an Actor/Scriptwriter for US Army while on active duty 2001-2011.  Steve acted in over 19 military exercises where Steve portrayed US JOINT Officers USMC, US Navy, US Air Force.  DoD and DoS Senior Level Officials, Senators/Congressmen, International Broadcasters/National Broadcast Networks,foreign officers, British, German, Greek, Romanian at the Colonel level.  Has also portrayed Iraqi and Afghani government officials.  The Photos page should give you the "vision."

 He spent years in on air radio, KCNY San Marcos Texas, Country Music DJ KCNY San Marcos, Texas, KKLI Yesterday's Hits/Lite favorites Colorado Springs, Colorado, Buck TV.Com, Las Vegas, Nevada, Cable Radio Network LA California, and the Eagle Broadcasting Network.

​Steve is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Purple Heart Awardee, Combat Action Badge  28Yrs Service
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