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Steve Alexander began designing Board Games in the early 1980’s. He had a special interest in Air War games as his father and brothers were Air Force Pilots. His Dad flew P-47s in WW2, and his brothers, Jon and Jim, flew C-130s and C 7 Caribous in Vietnam. Steve’s Games revolve around rolling dice and having quick paced activity, the rules are very simple and there is not a lot of time spent reading rules, planning in-depth strategy, though strategy is vital to success in the games. You can play a game in 20-30 minutes, maybe less, but rarely longer. 
Interested in learning more?
 We can email them to you, scan them or send you hard copy right thru the mail. Its $2.00 postage if you buy the 3 Board game Package or $1.00 for a single game. Again Battle Board Games are easy to play, lite on rules, it’s roll the dice and Move Out.
We Send You the Rules, You Build the Battle Board and make the Pieces, or use from other games or toys. Nothing like families gathered around the 4X8 Gameboard. We give you the Gameboard terrain look with the needed colors, and dimensions using 3 inch squares. Use a T Square to draw your lines and you are set. You’ll need some dice and get ready for fun, and learn some history while you play.

ALASKAN ENCOUNTER A foreign force parachutes Special Ops Forces into to Alaska to take hostage, Alaska Pipeline Oil Facilities, Distance Early Warning Sites and a few Key terrain locations. The only defense on the ground is a Battalion of the Alaska National Guard and an Active Duty Military Police Battalion. Can you as the OPFOR or US Military Leadership defeat the opposing forces and accomplish your military objective. 

BATTLE ON THE BEACH It’s take the beach, move inland and recapture the lost country, or can you defend your land, your sand, from the invader. They’ll be troop carriers full of soldiers and or/Marines ready to fight their way forward, sea based and land based artillery, Its Normandy, Iwo Jima, you pick the shore, the island, and hold onto or take ground.

BAYONETS AND REGIMENTS The American Civil War, It’s Union and Confederate Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery fighting it out, trying to capture key railroad junctions, ammo deports, shoe factories and all the while defeating the enemy . You command all troops just like a Civil War General, and plan your attack, do you send the Cavalry in early, do you hold them till the right moment when you need speed and agility.

BOMBER SQUADRON It’s the Battle of Britain, it’s the B 17s crossing the channel to take out the key military locations and facilities. Use your Pursuit Fighters, P 47’s, P 51’s and protect your bombers while trying to shoot down the Luftwaffe, whose mission is just like yours, bomb British cities, hit Allied Airfields. Strategy is key, how much of your fighter force goes forward to escort the bombers, how many do you leave back to protect your key locations. You are the Air Commander of your Air Force

CAMP COBRA RVN Its back to the sixties an you’re a Green Beret Commander defending your camp from the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. When do you fire your mortars, how do you dodge theirs? Where’s the weakest part of your defense. Bomber Squadron is Tactical Leadership at the Battalion and Company Level.  

CARIBOU RUN, VIETNAM The Special Forces Camps, are too small for C-130’s but somebody has to get the ammo, weapons and supplies to those troops in the remote locations. That’s where you, as the C 7 Caribou Squadron Commander have to decide, where and when you can get your aircraft into the enemy territory, area to your camps. There are sites in Cambodia in Laos as well, where units need resupply.

EMPERORS ISLANDS One force has control of the three crucial islands. If the other force can land their troops, defeat the troops on the islands and then move on to other islands, they can achieve success, but if the defenders can beat tem back, it means a stalemate and the war, just goes on and on. This is a WW2 scenario in the Pacific Ocean with the Japanese held Islands that had to be taken.

FIRST LIGHT FRANCE 1918 Its World War One Fighter Squadrons, the Germans best against the combined best of the French, British and US up in the air, and while the Knights of the Air are fighting it out, down in No Man’s Land, the poor infantry, must try to move forward with all kinds of hazards for them. You’re the commander of Infantry and Air Power, trying to take the enemy’s ground. Non stop adventure in this game, as the Dogfights and the Bayonet Battles below determine the outcome.
Fort Morocco 1912 You are the French Foreign Legion Commander of a remote outpost. The Tauregs are relentless in their attacks. Do you chose to fight from the walls, or go ahead and send a volunteer group of soldiers, to try to get to Morocco to alert the High Command your Fort help needs immediate reinforcements and resupply. Can you hold the Fort until the relief arrives?

FRIGATES, BRIGS AND SHIPS OF THE LINE The War of 1812 is the setting for this sea battle game where each side has a Port full of merchant ships that you need to protect while, having a great desire to sink theirs. When you sink a certain number of their ships, they’ll raise the White Flag of Surrender.

HERCULES VIETNAM From Cam Rahn to Khe Sahn, be the first C-130 Crew to make all your “drops” and be back in time for Happy Hour at the O’Club. There’s only a few problems, enemy anti aircraft fire, mechanic issues and available runways.  

HEROS OF TROY You are the commander of the Greek or Trojan Forces and all the famous leaders of Homer’s Illiad. You’ll command the movement of the Greek Forces and if you’re the Trojan, if you can fight your ways down to the ships and set them afire, you can drive the Greeks away, if you have the right plan, well, the Trojan Horse will have been a myth.

INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIX RACER It’s the look of Formula One, with you in the drivers seat. Can you and your fellow team member, win the Constructors Championship, Can you win the Individual Title as best driver. Here you run a series of races and you add the points up at the end. You can use the same Game Board and just change the name or draw one up like, Monaco, German, Melborne, Monza or make up your own, The Transylvania Grand Prix, The Dinosaur Island Grand Prix, (Request the special rules for this one, and have some plastic dinosaurs on hand, to add some challenges.)

INVASION 1938 What if Orson Welle’s Broadcast was for real, gather the local Army Base tanks and try to protect your countryside and area as the Martians come to conquer. You control the Army, your opponent, the Martians.

LAOTIAN NIGHT RAIDER 1969 Your A6 Intruder leaves the Carrier Deck off the coast and it’s a bombing run into supply areas used by the enemy in Laos and places the press doesn’t know about yet. Can you get in, get out, without being shot down, oh and there might be some MIGS flown by the Chinese laying in wait. What’s your strategy, divide your aircraft, hit simultaneous targets or just go en mass t inflict the most damage where you can?

MINUTEMEN 1776 The British has arrived in Boston, you have 2 riders n horseback, who leave the city and as they ride thru the countryside, alerting the farmers and citizens to grab their muskets. The Colonists, need to hold their ground, then can lose some, but not all. For the Brit Commander, it’s a chance to once and for all, put the peasants in their place, and gather up some of that tax money. The faster the riders travel, the more minutemen are there to meet the Brits coming for victory.

MONSTER TOWN It’s a tribute game to all the old classic monsters, to include the pesky Mummy, who has just left the Museum. You are your team, need to find a way to get these creatures under control. We’re talking Vampires, Man Made Monsters, Werewolves and a few others. You better be ready and have the right tools to deal with the different creatures.

PUT TO THE SWORD Could you have held the ALAMO in 1836? It’s your chance to change history and you can, with some good strategy and a little luck, and when you’re done, your opponent takes your place as Commander of the Alamo and we’ll see how he/she does. You have artillery, and unlike history, there is a group of men, heading your way from Goliad, you just have to last another couple days.

STOCK CAR RACER A super fun game, where all you’ll need are some toy racecars, available everywhere, though at Flea Markets you can find some real classics. Find your corporate sponsor and get ready to race, 9 cars on the track at a time, and you’ll have to make a pit stop on one of your laps.

SURF ROUTE 101 It’s the early sixties and you take your woody and compete against your buddies to find the perfect wave, the best surfer girl and party and the best chow on the coast. Put on a Jan and Dean Album or a Beach Boys Oldies CD and you’ll be Catching A Wave, for sure.

WHITE WATER RAFTER Can you and your team beat the others down the river? There are rocks, and low spots, and unexpected falls and of course the other guys are always trying to get ahead of you. How fast can you row, and how well can you control your raft in the rapids? Get dumped, you got to start over.

WINTER SPORTS FEST You’re the Team Captain of a Ski, Snowboard, Bobsled and Ski Jumping Team competing for your country, or your school. You’ve got all the great events, Giant Slalom, Downhill, and there is even a Figure Skating event you can bring in if you want. You get all the events on one 4X8 plywood sheet, or you can spread them out and use both sides. You’ll find your markers and game pieces at cake decorating locations, super markets or hobby stores. This game is a lot of fun and great for parties and when the Winter Olympics comes, you’ll want to have this one out for play.


SHERLOCK FOX AND THE MISSIONG DINOSAUR EGG Join Sherlock Fox and his friends and try to find the Dinosaur Egg that disappeared from the museum. You’ll have to look at various places in the Overbrook Woods, at Grandpa and Grandma’s Farm and maybe even in the Town of Centerbrook. When you find the Egg and get it back to the Museum, everybody will sure be happy. We just have to be sure the Rascals don’t stop you on the way to the museum and take the Egg again. You might play the part of Hoppy Rabbit, Tinky Skunk, Andy Armadillo and others, and all the others are your friends so together you can get the Egg back where it belongs.

FALKY THE MISSING FALCON (Game available in paper Version $5.00) Falky Falcon left the Overbrook Woods a couple years before to go to the Blue Zoo, were birds learn to fly higher and faster, and Shelock Fox and his family have been invited to Colorado to visit Falky and attend a football game at Blue Zoo Stadium. In the halftime show where Falky and his Falcon Friends do a acrobatics show, well that’s when something unexpected happens, Falky leaves the stadium, but where does he go and why? That’s the mystery as all the players search all over the Blue Zoo for Falky.