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We Fly
         From modern Las Vegas to the Dawn of Time, Treasure Trackers: The Inception takes you on a non-stop action adventure crossing historical lines and literary masterpieces. The story tells of an Above Top Secret Government Project that uses foreign technology to do something beyond comprehension. The best of the best of the U.S. military working along with the top scientists and engineers are conducting very special operations. Area 51, Capulin Volcano New Mexico, Afghanistan, and a secret nationwide network of underground bases and tunnels all play a part in America's most challenging endeavor. Treasure Trackers: The Inception takes you from the earliest days of the project and the adventures of the first Trackers as they go about their missions.
     The adventure continues for project T.R.A.C.K. (Tactical, Retrieval, Activity, Continuity, Knowledge). Mission Statement: To secure the past and fix the future.

      History is now the target of a world power rival. Project T.R.A.C.K. leaders and special operations forces face new challenges, past and present, in order to keep history in order. TT2: National Threat thunders on as the Trackers take on history.

    The Trackers cross paths with the French Foreign Legion and a small group of warriors in 1836 Texas. There is also the matter of meeting the challenge of future threats that could completely alter the future

Treasure Trackers 2
National Threat
Treasure Trackers
The Inception
Treasure Trackers: First Missions 
includes the first two volumes of Treasure Trackers- The Inception and National Threat
Crack Mig
"Victor felt an adrenaline rush as his aircraft streaked across the international border at tree-top level, braving air defense batteries that were not there in a fighter that was not armed. He had not been told that all the appropriate Syrians had been paid generous fees to look the other way. The incorrupt had been dealt with even less expensively."  
A conspiracy to cripple western commerce, a plot to end the war on drugs, and an unholy alliance between Islamic fundamentalists and Colombian drug lords. Sworn enemies embracing the age old wisdom that, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." 
"The jets were swallowed up by the gluttonous hold of the Norwegian Wood... Victor wondered how many fighters were already down there as he watched them arrange his plane to fill the last empty space... by morning, the Norwegian Wood and her cargo of MiGs would be safely on their way to the open sea."
Captains Becky Whitney and Jim Kelly would have to work at a feverish pace, and enlist all the help they could get, to unravel the mysteries shrouding the disappearance of so many combat aircraft.  
Who was moving them, where were they going, and what were they planning to do?