Steven Robert Alexander
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About Steve Alexander
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Experience Role Player-Actor-Team Leader-Scenario Writer
Combat Assignments2004 , 2010-2011

Senior Advisor to the 8th Iraq Brigade Taji, Iraq

Advisor to the Iraqi 3rd Division Al Kasik, Iraq

Logistics Civil Augmentation Program Operations Officer Camp Arifjan, Kuwait 
Training Operations

Directed role-play operations for 2nd Group 5th Brigade 75th Division for a four-year period. Led role play teams and performed as a role player in over 19 exercises at numerous military bases, throughout the United States.

Consulted to exercises outside of the 5th Brigade AOR due to being the Subject Matter Expert. 

Led role-play endeavors such as congressional delegation visits, international press conferences, Key Leader Engagements by senior JOINT and NATO leaders and coalition force leadership.

Performed extensive work with foreign language speakers for both the Iraq and Afghanistan mission. Conducted and directed activities as a Observer Controller Trainer and Senior Observer Trainer.  

Scenario and Master Scenario Events List writer for 5 years.

Command and General Staff College Instructor. Responsible for conducting Non-Resident Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 in accordance with the program of instruction and operational procedures approved by the Command and General Staff College.

Provided a mentoring atmosphere to all assigned students, insured all required administrative tasks were successfully completed by the designated suspense dates

Unit Training Commander and Senior Tactical Officer for the Region G Officers Candidate Program, Colorado Army National Guard. OCS program, served as Senior Instructor, Instructor and Tactical Officer for two years.

Assignments: Field Artillery
Firing Battery Commander M110 Howitzer for Charlie Battery, 2nd Battalion, 1/57 Field Artillery.
169th Field Artillery Brigade
Battalion Fire Direction Officer 
Battery Executive Officer
Battery Fire Direction Officer 
Recon Survey Officer
Brigade S1
Brigade Liaison Officer

Foreign Service


Awards and Recommendations

Combat Action Badge
Purple Heart
Meritorious Service Medal – 3
Joint Service Commendation Medal 
Army Commendation Medal – 5 OLC
Order of Saint Barbara – Field Artillery 

Retired 1 May 2011 28 Years Service
SECRET Clearance Thru 2015

Reviews - Acting and Performance

LTC Steve Alexander epitomizes the indomitable spirit, selfless service, and can-do attitude that defines the Army values and character expected of a senior officer. Steve's nature is defined by heart and compassion. The team he leads runs on high morale and a strong sense of esprit de corps. He has a unique ability to merge his technical expertise, extensive historical and military knowledge with acting skills, that have allowed him to replicate a myriad of simulated positions and personnel as a higher, adjacent lower supporting and supported role player working in battle staff simulation exercises his talent for role-play has been integral in providing the realism that help prepare staffs of the 300th MP brigade, 400 MP Battalion, 1/77 MP brigade, and the 45th HB CT for combat operations. His performances have been commended by several general officers and recognized with the presentation of several coins for excellence.

Senior Rater Comments

LTC Steve Alexander is a consistent and dependable officer of considerable talent. Over the past year is contributed greatly to the success of my group was participation in several critical post deployment training missions in support of the global war on terrorism. LTC Alexander's has taken upon himself to become an expert for role-playing and battle staff command post exercises his technical and tactical knowledge demonstrated rapid ability to quickly grasp concepts that are critical in today's Army.

Raters Comments

LTC Alexander continues to excel at his mission of training leaders and soldiers for deployment. The leaders and soldiers trained got direct training from role players replicating USAF, USMC, US Navy, Iraqi government officials, Iraqi Army officers, members of Congress, broadcast news crews, private security companies to include NGOs and surveying contractors. The role players had authentic uniforms and accouterments provided by LTC Alexander. LTC Alexander is a key member of our mobilized team and brings considerable talent and versification to our training table. Very few if any, can do what he does, so expertly as a role player and role player leader/trainer.

Senior Rater Comments

LTC Alexander is a one-of-a-kind officer who should be promoted immediately and assigned to the highest levels of the U.S. Army live role-play activity. He is an excellent leader, trainer, teacher, coach and mentor. His talents in the live role-play arena should be used at the national or at least 1st US Army level.